Agali Awamu and our fieldwork

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here, but it’s because we’re involved.
totally in the field work! Much has happened and is happening, the project has developed every day and learning continues.

In the process of accompanying the school, we saw the need to do a job very closely with the teachers, after all their actions reflect directly within the classroom and in the relationship with the students. Teachers have grown up in a difficult reality, had to work from an early age, suffered physical and psychological violence, and end up reproducing these behaviors in school. As a way of welcoming them, and not judging them, we hold weekly meetings in which the objective is to strengthen the unity of teachers, encourage cooperation, value each one in its singularity and solve challenges together democratically. The meetings are essential to open spaces for listening, questioning and speaking. The topics covered are diverse, from more personal to general aspects of the school, and the teachers have appointed the agali awamu group, which means “together we have” in Luganda, a local language, showing that work done with the collaboration of all can result in realization of our dreams.

“Agali Awamu” Group

We also work in the classroom to bring students and teachers closer together, encouraging creativity, reading and critical thinking activities. The school did not have children’s books and did not think it was important, we now create a library and the students are responsible for maintaining it, a great step in the child’s appreciation and voice. With the introduction of music classes in the rooms of the little ones, we hear the community singing the children singing “do, re, mi, fá, sol …” and teaching others.

Children reading comic books
Teacher telling a story to students
Student designed his own characters after reading comic books
Elisa in the classroom with the students