Children with special needs of Kikajjo

Uganda School Project Volunteers participating in Good Action Day activities

April is the Good Day, and for this, the ONG TORUWU organized a day of physiotherapeutic and nutritional care for children with special needs in the region.

In the village of Kikajjo, as in other rural villages in Uganda, children with special needs are not properly supported at birth or during their development. Families do not have the financial knowledge and resources to provide children with the necessary support materials, nor good nutrition.

If it were not enough, there is the sad popular belief that these children are “cursed”, which would be consequences of “witchcraft” against the family. A practical example of this belief is that in the past some families took the children to hospital and abandoned them. Fortunately today this does not happen anymore, but the remnants of past beliefs still result in the isolation of these children in their homes. In this case, the characteristic of hospitality so striking in the community is not present by the fear that involves superstition.

However, we know that the reasons that have resulted in the condition of these children are others, such as lack of access to basic health issues. The result of lack of public investment and impossibility of access by private means is the spread of diseases – such as malaria that directly affects the fetus during pregnancy – as well as the malnutrition that plagues several children during their education.

Children with special needs and their families during Good Day

In this scenario, the ONG TORUWU seeks to support these families by collecting special materials (rugs, chairs, beds, etc.) that can meet the needs of children, donating food that can contribute to nutrition, providing access to physical therapy for exercise and educating parents how to exercise and feed their children. However, there are several limitations and all efforts are not enough.

The NGO TORUWU helps as and when it can but the resources are limited and do not meet the needs of children. The special materials depend on donations and the value of the physiotherapist is very high for the reality of the NGO, the project to care for these children that could provide 1 (one) service per month, which would be very little, had to be suspended at the end of 2016. Currently, the monitoring of families exists only in isolated events for this public.

In the last service, we can interact with some of the families that the NGO follows and learn more about each of their realities. We know Linda and Waswa, 11 and 9 years old, who have hydrocephalus; Rayan and Jordan, 8 and 4 years old, who have cerebral palsy; and also, Madrine, 9, who is disabled in motor racing and was close enough to study at St. Mary’s School. Although each family has its own challenges – which are not few – with love and commitment seek to create the best conditions for children to develop within their means.

While we were talking with parents, the children received physical therapy and aromatherapy. I have to say that after the activities, Madrine managed to take a few steps with her help until her sister made everyone happy? According to those present, her evolution is remarkable!

The inclusion of children with special needs is one of the objectives of the Uganda School project and we have the support of people who identify with the cause to help these children reach their full potential.

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