The “Think Twice Brasil” Institute visits TORUWU.

In 2014, Think Twice Brasil visited the ONG TORUWU and wrote a beautiful statement about the work they do in the Kikajjo community. “I was amazed at how they explain the mission: to equip economic survival skills to become independent. This is an essential principle for the work of TORUWU. Amazing! In addition, they also give computer and music lessons to children, who are often orphans. “To read the full article, go here.

Sophie Bemba e Augustine Yiga, co-fundadores de TORUWU.


Sophie Bemba, co-founder of TORUWU, next to the wine production made in the village of Kikajjo. This is one of the main projects of the NGO, the wine is produced by the local women and sold in the markets as a form of income for them and for TORUWU.